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The Sheriff’s Toy Project, an innovative collaboration between peace officers, non-profit agencies, private donors and businesses, was created to better serve less fortunate children and families. The program provides a character building environment for offenders, who work with law enforcement officers to help people who are in times of need or suffering from hardship. The Toy Project provides a connection between law enforcement, people in need and those in the community capable of giving.


How Your Donation Helps

The Sheriff’s Toy Project has been in existence since 1984. It began as a means to alleviate an already overcrowded jail system. Inmates were sentenced to serve their court ordered time at a work release facility repairing donated bicycles and building toys made of wood. Most of these items were distributed to the less fortunate community.

The Toy Project has provided the following to the Sacramento Community.

Computers donated, 345

Families Served, 1,900

Kids Served, 5,579

Incoming Toy Donations, 9,480

Toys given to other non-profits, 5,879

Number of toys, 14,454

Gift Cards, Shopping sprees by Sub-Stations $15,000 

Address: 10117 Mills Station Road Suite C
Sacramento CA 95827

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