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Who has not heard of the D.A.R.E program in schools? You can donate your car to charity and help millions of kids and communities everywhere by supporting the D.A.R.E program.

What is D.A.R.E?

D.A.R.E was founded in 1983 in Los Angeles, California. The program proved so successful that 75% of this nation’s schools and 52 other countries in the world have adopted the program to teach children to stay away from drugs. D.A.R.Es program consists of a series of police officer taught lessons in the classroom that teach children from Kindergarten to 12th grade to resist peer pressure and to live productive drug and violence free lives.

Why is D.A.R.E So Successful?

D.A.R.E is unparalleled in its delivery of this program by actual police officers. The fact that this system was pioneered and is an original concept was key to its success worldwide. To remain successful, as with any program, D.A.R.E is continually review by highly respected experts in the fields of science, education and law enforcement and peer review by the kids who actually participate in the program. D.A.R.E has 3 key advisory committees and an instructor’s advisory and student advisory to insure the development and implementation of all aspects of the program.

Who Does D.A.R.E Benefit?

D.A.R.E benefits everyone! Because of the excellent continually developing program children, families and whole communities benefit from stronger kids who have the tools to make better decisions along their path in this life. D.A.R.E benefits YOU!

America’s children, our children, live in a very hard world. Drugs are readily available and the problem is not disappearing. Our children need every possible step up and support that they can get. D.A.R.E has proven itself to be the most effective program to keep kids off drugs over time. Please take some time this holiday season to consider the good you can personally do by donating your car, truck, RV or boat to help this unprecedented and phenomenal program. Happy Holidays from DonateAcar.