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During This Season of Giving Don’t Forget The Cancer Research Institute

December is a special time when we reflect on the events and actions we made throughout the year. We may wonder to ourselves, did we make a difference? Did we put aside our selfish desires for one moment and focus instead on the hard times of others? With the year coming to a close and the spirit of giving filling the air, now is a perfect time to give to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

One organization that works all year around to help those who are struck with tragedy is the Cancer Research Institute. The CRI works diligently with other research centers throughout the world to discover treatments that can heal and prevent human cancer.

Recently an article about the CRI was published in the Wall Street Journal. In their article, the Wall Street Journal focused on the success of a treatment recently discovered and funded by CRI. This treatment was immunotherapy and it has saved the lives of several cancer patients.

Thanks to the generous donations of others, CRI is able to continue their funding for life saving research. If you are looking for a notable way to make a huge difference in the lives of others during this season of giving, you might want to donate your car to the Cancer Research Institute. Your donation will have a tremendous impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families as CRI strives to find cures for a variety of cancer ailments.