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Summer is here and that means summer camps and fun in the sun. If you’re looking for a fantastic, worthwhile charity that accepts vehicle donations, why not try out the Easter Seals Wisconsin  camping program for the disabled? The Easter Seals charity in Wisconsin have been offering opportunities for the disabled and their families for over 90 years. Along with rehabilitation and job training programs, the Easter Seals Wisconsin charity also provides exceptional camping programs for those with special needs. This includes programs for children under 17 and adults over 18. The camping staff is made up of multiple nurses, counselors and activity coordinators who are all meticulously trained to ensure the safety of every camper.

For many of the participants, the camping experience is a dream come true. Thanks to the generous donations that have poured in in the past, the campers are safely able to go canoeing, sledding, swimming and even zip-lining in medically expert equipment. These and many, many more outdoor activities are only available at this special camp for these special kids and adults. Donations are also appreciated because they allow many of these campers to come and have all of their needs met free of charge. This is an incredible blessing for the parents and loved ones of said campers who are already paying more than they can afford on medical bills.

If you’re a lover of camping, you can probably imagine the tremendous joy that your car donation can make on a group of disabled campers who get to experience the activities that many of take for granted. Because of your donation, they can feel like the healthy, fun-loving, go-lucky people that they yearn to be. Because of your donation, they can be treated like the amazing fighters they are.