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The California Hospice Foundation has one mission: caring for those who are facing end of life illness and making sure they get the best care available to them. This vital work to serve and to pursue research is made possible, in part, by the generous car donations made through Donate A Car. Your old car is sold and the funds are turned into education, direct nursing care, and continuing research and advocacy for end of life care.

End of Life Education

According to the California Hospice Foundation (CHF), most American’s want to spend the end of their lives at home, surrounded by friends and family. But, because of a lack of understanding about hospice care and medical legalities, less than 38% of Americans actually attain that goal. One of the most important things they help to inform individuals and families about is an Advance Directive; a document which clearly defines what a patient wants done in the event of a terminal illness, stroke, or other end of life situation. Choosing how you want to be cared for in advance of the need can help reduce stress and anxiety surrounding a terminal illness.

Many individuals are not aware of what is legally required by the state in order to have their wishes followed. CHF helps to make people aware and to inform them of their options.

Family Support

Terminal illnesses and the impending death of a loved one can be a time of debilitating grief for family members of the patient. The added expenses of medical care and decisions about care and funerals adds another layer of worry. Hospice and palliative care can reduce that worry and provide families with the resources they need to help everyone make the end of life transition. The California Hospice Foundation has made efforts to help the younger members of families to deal with death and have reached out to the Hispanic community with information targeted to provide them with a knowledge of the resources available to them.

Continuing Research

With an aging veteran and rural population in California, the CHF was recently awarded a grant from the Veterans Administration with the goal of breaking down barriers to hospice care for this vulnerable portion of the population. Their research will focus on who needs the most help, who can help them, and offer support for groups who will be able to work with the VA to develop and implement tools to ensure that our American veterans are cared for at the end of their life.
Your help and generosity can make a huge difference in the lives of those facing the necessity of end of life care. Please consider donating your old vehicle to the cause of caring for those who are no longer in a position to care for themselves.