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At A Kids Place of Tampa Bay, they understand what foster children need to feel safe. They’ve helped over 1,000 children and more than 450 Florida families to find peace and stability after abuse, neglect, and homelessness. When you learn how to donate your car in Florida with Donate a Car you’ll be helping them to provide a safe place for families in need.

Preserving Sibling Togetherness

Beyond the devastation of abuse and neglect, children who have been placed in foster care often lose contact with their siblings as well. This loss of a sibling through foster placement can have a life-long negative affect on children. At A Kids Place of Tampa Bay, siblings can stay together in a family-like home, with full-time, live-in caregivers who provide a stable base where healing and growth can happen.

A Community of Caring

A Kids Place is comprised of 5 large homes situated on 5 acres in Brandon, Florida. With a tree-lined, community feel, the homes provide a stable home-like experience with consistent, loving involvement from their caregivers. With a play area, homes with plenty of food, warm beds, and people who care about them, A Kids Place offers a respite from a world that has too often been very difficult for the children who live there,

Life-Changing Services

Besides the emotional stability of a live-in caregiver residential program, A Kids Place also offers services designed to improve the quality of life of each child who resides there, no matter how long their stay. From medical and dental services, to educational and behavioral therapy they focus on services to help the children feel safe, secure, physically cared for, and loved. A Kids Place also offers children 13 years and older an Independent Living Program where they can learn basic, healthy life skills and decision making. These skills can help them as they age out of foster care and into independent living. With skills like resume building, interviewing, cooking, and applying for scholarships under their belt, the children who go through this program leave feeling capable and empowered.

Your Donation

A Kids Place was built with a vision of better care for siblings placed in the foster system and with the help and generosity of community partners. Both volunteers and donors have made the homes, campus, loving environment, and continuing services possible at A Kids Place of Tampa Bay.

When you donate your car to help them, you can rest assured that your donation is going to make a child in need feel that there are people in their community and in their world who care about them, who want to help them, and are excited to see them succeed in life.