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If you’ve been watching the news at all over the past several years, then you’ve heard of the huge problems with student debt for advanced college degrees. More and more jobs are requiring them, but fewer and fewer of those jobs are available, and the pay rate isn’t enough to make the cost of higher education an economic feasibility. With such a poor prognosis for education, what is a young person to do to prepare to be a contributing, economically stable participant in their communities? Ranken Technical College has an amazing answer, and your vehicle donation through Donate A Car can help them guarantee a successful future for our nation.


The Truth about Technical College


You’ve heard the slang for tech school graduates: gearheads, grease monkeys, and computer geeks. These can be either humorous or insulting depending on where you stand, but these tech school graduates are more than what their nickname implies.


Today, in America, there are more technical job openings than qualified people to fill them. There is a huge need for people with the technical training to operate highly sensitive, computerized equipment from the medical field to manufacturing. With traditional 4-year degrees garnering more debt than income, a technical college degree is becoming one of the smartest educational courses a student can choose to take.


The Ranken Advantage


Ranken Technical College is one of the best tech schools in the Midwest. With a focus on getting students through their courses and into a job as fast as possible. This focus reduces student debt load, serves more students per year, and keeps the course offerings on the cutting edge of what the job market is looking for.
The leaders at Ranken Technical College also know that knowing “how” to do something is not the same as being “able” to do something. To that end, for every hour that students spend in the classroom, they spend three in the lab, using the skills they learned. Because of this focus on hands-on learning, Ranken graduates are uniquely prepared to step directly into high-tech jobs that need both knowledge and skills.  


Your Donation


Your generous donation to Donate A Car, on behalf of Ranken Technical College, goes towards keeping classrooms and labs at the cutting edge of technology, student scholarships, and funding that supports the next generation of American laborers who help our great nation grow. Please consider donating your used vehicle to the cause, or another worthy Missouri charity.