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Help Create a Miracle - Children's Miracle Network -

What New Year’s resolution are you wanting to succeed in this year? Are you wanting a getaway? Perhaps a new iPhone? Or maybe, you just want what everyone wants: health and happiness through the New Year.

Unfortunately not everyone gets the opportunity to partake in health and happiness year round. Many Children are struggling to fight the good fight. They are taking on a lot at a young age. Every year the Children’s Miracle Network celebrates champions who have overcome huge obstacles in their very short lives. They are an inspiration to each and every one of us. Their stories of courage and faith is astounding. Many of these amazing children have defied all odds against them.

The Children’s Miracle Network picks 52 children each year. One from each state in the US, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. They become the new Champions for that year. You can read a little bit about what each one of these little heroes has gone through, or continues to go through. It is so neat to see how each state is represented, and who their own personal little hometown hero is for the year.

How can you help this amazing organization and our champions? As well as countless other little heroes, who are making their own resolutions to have good health and happiness this year? Easy! Simply donate a vehicle to the Cars Creating Miracles foundation who coincides with the Children’s Miracle Network.

If you are deciding to not have a New Year’s resolution this coming year, consider helping fulfill a child’s resolution to get better, by gifting a car instead of selling it. And in the process, it would just so happen that you made and kept a resolution too. I’d say that is a pretty sweet way to start off the year.