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Helping enrich the lives of seniors and caregivers can be as simple as donating a car to ACC through Donate-a-Car. We take all the hassle out of car donation and make it an easy process for donors like you to give to trusted charities like ACC. Call us today or fill out our online form.


The ACC Senior Services, which stands for A Community of Caring, develops and provides social services and culturally sensitive health to enhance the quality of life for older adults. They provide services like Meals on Wheels, Friendly Visitor, Transportation Services, Caregiver & Support Services and a Senior Employment Program among others.


Social isolation and loneliness have been undoubtedly connected to poor health outcomes. Sadly, isolation among the elderly is dangerously common and will only continue to be predominant with the growth of the population.  


You can discover ways to help your loved ones stay healthy by learning more how to help them avert isolation.


6 Excellent Ways to Improve Social Health in Seniors


1. Bolster Their Sense of Purpose

Encourage seniors to stay active in their interests and hobbies. Check with your local senior center for planned events they can attend. Activities that involve a group like playing bingo, can be socially healthy. Find opportunities for them to volunteer to help or serve others. Giving a senior a pet to nurture can also bolster their sense of purpose and lesson feelings of isolation. Of course first make sure the elderly person involved is able and willing to care for the pet appropriately before giving a pet as a gift. Even tending to a garden may meet that nurturing desire, so presenting a senior with gardening supplies or a plant can be a great benefit as well.


2. Provide Transportation

The major cause of isolation is the lack of sufficient transportation. This is a large problem as many elderly to not drive, so any system of allowing them to make independent choices about getting to and from places bolsters their social health. Options to help make available transportation for them might include:

  • Family offering rides to their elderly loved ones.
  • Helping seniors learn to use public transportation.
  • Free bus passes to seniors program.
  • Check for county services that offer free or low-cost senior transportation services.
  • Look into – a service that connects the elderly with on-demand transportation services like Uber and Lyft.
  • Look into – a popular on-demand transportation service.
  • Look into – a business that works with health and insurance companies to provide non-emergency medical rides.


3. Promote Dining With Others

Encourage seniors to share mealtime with others as much as possible as the act of eating with others is naturally social. Eating is a profoundly social desire as it is a time of sharing, expressing kindness, and bringing loved ones together. When dining with others, it becomes more likely that one will also eat more nutritious foods, as well.


4. Advocate Attending Their Religious Services

It has been found that the elderly who have been consistent churchgoers have benefited greatly from maintaining those connections. Seniors who regularly attend their religious services have been shown to keep a lower rate of mortality than those who rarely attend. Benefits of consistent churchgoing not only include a sense of purpose and social interactions but also having the care and interest of other churchgoers, who will often see a need in a senior and tent to that need, that could possibly have gone unseen and unattended otherwise.


5. Reinforce Getting Hearing and Vision Tests

Elderly individuals that have untreated or undiagnosed problems with their hearing will typically avoid social situations. Encourage the elderly to have their hearing tested and any hearing problems treated. The only barrier between a senior and their improved social health might be a hearing aid. Problems with eyesight are imperative as well as they will limit social interactions and opportunities. Encourage seniors to get their vision tested.


6. Use Adaptive Technologies

Adaptive technologies can help the elderly compensate for their deficiencies that hinder their social interaction. Discover the resources that can help your loved one. Adaptive technologies include things like:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Sound Amplifier
  • Big Button Picture Phone
  • Talking Rx
  • Eye Drop Dispenser
  • Stand Assist
  • Walkers
  • Dressing Assists
  • Rotator Reacher Grabber
  • Disposable Incontinence supplies
  • Magnifier and Book Light
  • Playing Card Holder
  • Adult Trike
  • Stair Lifts
  • Mobility Scooter


When we consider the risks and how prevalent social isolation and loneliness is among our seniors, it is definitely worth addressing and promoting social health in our older loves ones, and in ourselves for that matter. We hope by following these 6 tools, we can decrease that isolation and better care for each other. When you donate a car to help seniors, the proceeds from your car can help an elderly person have better health and quality of life.