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The Boys and Girls Clubs all across America are helping to make a difference in every community by helping those children who have no place to go when they come from school. Many children are left alone without any adult supervision or care.

This is where the Boys and Girls clubs of America comes into play. They are there to help make a positive difference in each child’s life by having a place to go after school that will help them achieve success throughout their lives. They have many programs available to help children see their unique talents and strengths. These programs include:

  • Educational and career opportunities
  • Character and leadership skills
  • Health and life skills
  • Studying the arts in all forms
  • Sports, fitness and recreation opportunities
  • Specialized programs for those who are struggling

Many wonder why so many volunteer their time and talents to helping these future adults. The truth is they see the needs before them. Members on the Boys and Girls Clubs can see how these programs make sure each child is safe, that they belong and will make a difference in each child’s life. They know that if they get the help with their education that these children have a better chance of graduating high school. They also will help support parents by having everyone work together to find the best plan for each child.

How can you help make a positive difference in a child’s life? By taking the time to donate your car, by doing so you can be the change for good in each of these children’s lives and help give them the resources they need to succeed and see that they become anything.