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Keeping your animals safe this holiday season is important. Whether your animal is a cat or a dog or any pet, here are some safety tips for the season. Wishing you a safe a happy holiday, learn how your vehicle donation benefits all pets “to be” from Friends for Life Animal Rescue.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Pets:

  • Keep the tree in a corner. If the tree is in a corner it will be more out of the way for the animal to be attracted to. Place some tin foil or bottles around the bottom of the tree to warn you of impending pet disaster.
  • Tinsel is sparkly and pretty but a huge attraction to animals. If they ingest this it can cause serious bowel obstruction and an emergency room visit. Keep tinsel up high or do not use it at all in your decor.
  • Christmas tree lights can be dangerous if you have a pet that likes to chew cords. Be aware of this and use precaution when decorating your tree this year.
  • Ornaments that can break are a concern with pets. Animals love to bat at things that are sparkly or that catch their attention. If ornaments can break then your pet is at risk for a paw injury or ingesting glass. Select ornaments wisely or watch your pet closely.
  • When using a live tree be sure your vacuum daily and keep the area free from needles. Ingesting needles can puncture your animal’s intestines and that will result in an emergency room trip.
  • Edible ornaments are a temptation no animal will resist. Just leave them off your tree.

Additional Christmas Safety Tips:

  • Chocolate is very dangerous for animals to ingest. Keep your holiday treats under lock and key and away from your animals.
  • Mistletoe, holly and poinsettia are poisonous if eaten. Keep this in mind when decorating for the holidays.
  • Burning candles can be a safety issue for pets. Pets are naturally curious and a burning candle can cause severe burns, even hair to ignite. Extinguish your holiday candles when you are not in the room.
  • Put away wrapping paper and any ribbon when you are done gift wrapping. Ingesting these things can result in intestinal blockage.

In no way should the holidays be a bummer and the intention is not to go crazy with worry. Be wise and remember your animals when setting things out that can harm them. Enjoy the holidays with an emergency free season. Your pet is your best friend and you want them to be safe while you still enjoy all the fun, food and decorations of the season.