• We will coordinate a time that is convenient for you for the free next day pick up of your vehicle.
  • We help the charity sell the vehicle and you will get a tax receipt in the mail.

Most Trusted Charities

Tax Benefit of Car Donation

How Does This Help Charities

Donate a Car has been working with America's most trusted charities since 1994, building relationships that ensure your donation goes to the most worthy Causes.

You can be assured that you will receive the highest tax deduction allowed for your vehicle donation and will receive a receipt in the mail for tax purposes.

The money that your Charity receives from the sale of your donated vehicle allows them to research for a cure, rescue animals, support our veterans, help those in need, assists those who suffer from diseases and so much more.

Featured Charities

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What You Need To Know About Donating a Car to Charity

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What Charities and Donors Say

Donate A Car - bringing car donors and charities together since 1994.

What a great company. They picked up my car fast. There were not any problems. I tried with another company first and waited 2 weeks with no response. DonateaCar.com picked up my car in 2 days.
First and foremost, I would like to commend and thank DonateaCar.com for the wonderful service you provide.
Programs like Donate A Car enables the Lupus Society of Illinois to continue our important work in Illinois.
My mother and I believe in your cause which is why we donated these vehicles. Feels great to help others!
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