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Help our heroes - Paralyzed Veterans of America -

Our noble men and women who have given their all for our country will never come back the same after what they experience. Many of our fellow countrymen experience an invisible illness called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is hard for anyone to experience, and, also equally hard to help someone who has it. Here are some tips and guidelines to help those who may be suffering with PTSD.

  1. Don’t push someone to talk about what they themselves are not ready to communicate to you. When they are ready to talk be patient and give a listening ear.
  2. When anxiety attacks help them cope by taking them to a quiet place away from people and stimulating things. Teaching them breathing exercises they can do on their own can also be beneficial.
  3. Have them keep a journal and write about their experiences so they can think of their own solutions or see what is bothering them.
  4. Try to help them to not cope with drugs and alcohol. It may be a quick fix short term, but can have un-repairable damage in the long term.
  5. Being a good listener means you don’t say things like; “I experienced this,” to “I know exactly how you feel,” or “What is wrong with you?” “Snap out of it!” No one can truly experience what they are going through, as everyone’s feelings and thoughts are different. Even if they experienced the same type of thing.
  6. Big crowds, fireworks, the exhaust from a car that backfires, or someone knocking at their door can cause panic and make things difficult to handle in any given situation.
  7. Just as being in the everyday world can be a trigger with noises, certain smells can also do the same thing.
  8. Sometimes talking with another comrade in arms and hearing their stories on how they are coping and readjusting to things and help them realize they are not alone.
  9. Families need to talk with each other and express their feelings. Don’t let it pent up inside that it comes exploding out to a point where things come crashing down. Children need to talk and hear what is going on, most importantly…why.
  10. When they admit they have PTSD let them know how strong they are, not everyone can do what they have experienced. Let them know they are not weak.
  11. Remind them of why you love them. Also sometimes the best thing you can do is to hold their hand and not say anything at all. Just by being there and showing that you are not going anywhere can be enough.

Another great way you can help our veterans is to give a car donation to the Paralyzed Veterans of America. This is another great resource of insuring that our veterans get the help and care they need to make their lives more manageable and easier to go through the day to day grind.

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