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There is no cure for muscular dystrophy, it is a life sentence of continuing muscle loss and in many cases eventual death. It can be discouraging at best and as the cost of health-care and daily needs increase it can become downright devastating. But, while a muscular dystrophy diagnosis is beyond difficult, daily life can be eased with good equipment and increased accessibility. Groups like the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation (MDFF), helped by people willing to donate time, money and donate a vehicle, are helping families get the accessibility equipment they need to live as functional a life as possible in their own homes.


The Importance of Autonomy

One of the most important necessities for a handicapped individual is the ability to do as much as possible for themselves. Many daily tasks are often taken for granted when they are easily performed, but when muscles and extremities no longer perform the way they should, little things like eating, brushing teeth, or simply walking out of the house can become as difficult at scaling Mt. Everest.


By installing adaptive equipment, wider doors, and using handicap accessible vehicles, families and individuals struggling with muscular dystrophy can perform basic, daily tasks with greater ease and more autonomy.


A History of Help

Since 1958, the Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation has been providing financial help to the families of those diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. By providing and installing adaptive equipment and helping families get handicap accessible vehicles, MDFF is supporting families to have as much independence as possible. Through the generosity of volunteers and donors, that precious independence can continue.