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The holiday season is upon us and what better thing to focus on than gratitude. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and celebrating the bounty we have been given. Giving to others is one great way to express your own gratitude Christ Cars is a fantastic organization to look into.

5 ways to show your gratitude this holiday season:


1. Write a thank you note

Make it personal and draw a little picture if you feel so inclined. It is never too early to teach your children the value of writing someone a thank you note. Expressing appreciation through a card or note is a no fail way to show your gratitude. Children can express gratitude by drawing pictures. “I hate getting thank you notes”…said no one, ever.

2. Give someone a call

Calling someone and telling them how much you appreciate them goes a very long way. Pick someone you really admire and spend some time chatting with them on the phone and expressing how much you appreciate them. Get your kids in on the fun and have them all sing your special someone a little song. Brighten someone’s day and lighten your own heart.

3. Personal visit

Stopping by a friend or loved one’s home with a plate of cookies to just say hello and give them thanks for being who they are is a great way to kick off this holiday season! Who doesn’t love a quick visit and a treat? Make a list of people you can surprise throughout this season. Don’t forget to thank them for being in your life.

4. Service

By going out and serving others you show your own deep gratitude. Losing yourself in the service of others can change your whole perspective, especially during the holidays. Help someone across the street, open a door for anyone, smile and say hello, pick up some trash you see on the street, give someone a compliment, do yard work for an older person who cannot do as much, bring someone dinner who is feeling sad or ill, babysit for an overwhelmed mother, pay for someone’s meal in line behind you…the list goes on and on. Choose a fun service and follow through with it.

5. Social Media Shout Out

If you are regularly on social media don’t forget to thank people. Write a special post or comment about someone you love and share how they have influenced your life. Thank you is one of the most well received phrases of all time. Use your social media to express your gratitude and lift someone’s day.

When we are in the attitude of gratitude we will feel happier ourselves. Think of the many ways you can give to others and express your own gratitude by donating your car to charity.