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Kidney facts donate a car to kidney foundation

Most of us are aware that the main function of our kidneys is to remove waste products and excess liquid from the body. Regulating the body’s salt, acid and potassium amount is also a job of the kidneys. But most of us do not know everything about our kidneys.


The National Kidney Foundation would like everyone to learn more about their kidneys. Knowledge is power. That knowledge can help prevent kidney disease. You can donate a car to the kidney foundation and help someone affected by kidney disease.


Here are 20 interesting kidney facts:


  1. The kidney receives more blood flow than the heart, brain or liver.
  2. A kidney is about 4.5 inches long, not bigger than your average cell phone or computer mouse.
  3. Each kidney only weighs about four to six ounces.
  4. Precisely half of one kidney is able of performing the job of two kidneys together.
  5. Each kidney contains up to two million tiny filters called nephrons
  6. If the nephrons in both kidneys are removed and put end to end, they would cover a space of 16 kilometers.
  7. In just 60 minutes, kidneys receive about 120 pints of blood.
  8. When one kidney is removed and the other kidney’s function is reduced by a quarter, it can still sustain life.
  9. All your blood is filtered through your kidneys around 400 times each day.
  10. During dehydration, kidneys will not produce much urine until hydration is restored and blood volume increases.
  11. If blood pressure in kidneys decrease, they will begin sending out signals to the body causing the blood vessels to become smaller to increase the pressure. This enables the blood to reach every part of the body.
  12. If the oxygen amount in the blood decreases, the kidneys sense that too. They create a hormone triggering an increased production of red blood cells that carry oxygen helping to increase the oxygen in the blood.
  13. About 400 gallons of recycled blood is pumped by the kidneys each day.
  14. Some kids are born with only a single kidney. Their kidney eventually grows to become around the same weight as two kidneys combined.
  15. Too much antacids and milk can cause kidney stones.
  16. Malfunctioning kidneys can over time lead to anemia.
  17. Kidney disease cannot ever be reversed only it’s progression can be slowed.
  18. Diabetes and high blood pressure can both lead to kidney failure.
  19. People who have lost the function of their kidneys can live longer with the help of dialysis or a kidney transplant.
  20. Close to 500 million people in the world suffer from some form of kidney problem, leading to millions of premature death.


Now that you’ve learned a few fascinating facts about your kidneys, consider donating your old car for kidney disease through Donate-a-Car. Your donation will help the National Kidney Foundation advocate for better kidney health and to prevent kidney disease. Give us a call at 1-800-237-5714 or use our easy online form today.