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Do you love animals? This month is “senior pet month” at Animal Lovers. You can make a difference for senior animals that may not have as long to live but their lives are valuable too. A senior pet can bring joy and love into your home and help you do some much needed service. Learn how to help senior pets by donating your car.

Animal Lovers mission:

  • To provide housing, veterinary care, and adoption for unwanted, abandoned, injured, or stray cats;
  • To educate adopters, as well as the general public, about the health and training needs of our companion animals;
  • To promote spaying and neutering as an efficient and humane means of animal population control; and
  • To advocate for legislation that will prevent cruelty to animals.

About Animal Lovers:

Animal Lovers was founded by a small group of friends that wanted to help save cats and dogs in 1955. Located in the Capitol District of New York, Animal Lovers provides a way for needy cats and dogs to have a better life. Throughout the years they have expanded into helping other animals who are in need beyond just the cats and dogs. Animal Lovers has developed a humane education program to teach children how to love and care for their animals as a way to prevent stray animal population increase. Animal Lovers is a non-profit shelter so they depend on private funds from generous donors, they receive no government monies. Car donation is a great way to help this small but effective charity out and save many animals in the process.

Homeless animals:

  • There are approximately 70 million stray cats nationwide
  • Stray dog population is unknown nationwide
  • Homeless animal ration verses people is 5 to 1 in America
  • 7.6 million animals enter over 13,600 shelters in America every year
  • 2.7 million animals are euthanized each year
  • New York has a higher stray animal population per capita than any other state
  • New York has been working toward a “no kill shelter state” for many years and is well on their way


There are ways to help homeless animals that you may never have thought of before. You do not need to feel helpless in this effort. Maybe you cannot house a homeless animal in your home but you can donate a car, it is as simple as that! Does the thought of so many helpless animals being homeless motivate you to do something today? Put that unused car to good use and feel good, that is something you can do.