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bald woman with cancer

There a many non-profit organizations that support care and research in the fight against cancer. There is one, however, whose missions stands out among them called the Cancer Hope Network. This organization provides free, individual and confidential support to cancer patients, their caregivers, and their family members. They match volunteer cancer survivors who are trained to offer specific support yet have undergone similar experiences with cancer patients and their family members

The early trauma of a cancer diagnosis is without a doubt one of the worst experiences of a person’s life. As research continues to search for a cure, the Cancer Hope Network provides free, individual support to support patients through this unfamiliar and frightening experience. In a truly amazing to witness the strength found in reaching out and connecting people together who share the same

Cancer touches many of our lives, and you might have wondered, “if I donate my car to charity, how can it help my friends with cancer?” The Cancer Hope Network will be directly supported by your personal car donation. It’s simple, and makes it easy!

As the Cancer Hope Network matches people together to provide one-on-one support mentors provide encouragement as well as education. They reassure, comfort, uplift and share the burden. One activity that has proven helpful to improve function as well as physiological well-being is keeping active throughout the cancer journey. Exercise has even been found to reduce some of the negative effects of the disease, and when a person is not feeling well, being active is even more of a challenge. Being matched with a personal support system can make all the difference.

While enduring cancer treatment it has been shown that physical activity improves, or prevents the decline of physical function without increasing fatigue.

Once treatment has concluded, maintaining physical activity aids in recovering physical function. It can even enhance the likelihood of a lowered risk of developing other conditions related to treatment.

If a person is facing advanced cancer, physical activity supports independence and well-being.

It is essential to have the support needed to tackle the daily challenges of a cancer diagnosis and the journey that follows. Moments where physical activity and exercise seem beyond reach, a personal support through the Cancer Hope Network steps in and provides the much-needed experience and encouragement to keep going.