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As part of this energy awareness “go green” month, we wanted to highlight one of our trusted charities: The New England Aquarium. They are a global leader in ocean exploration and in marine conservation. This amazing aquarium located in Boston is one of the area’s premier visitor attractions with more than 1.3 million guests each year and is a huge public education resource.


If you have a passion for marine life, consider donating an unwanted vehicle to the New England Aquarium through our car donation program and you can help support marine animal conservation and advocate for vibrant oceans.


You can also help protect our oceans and marine life in these 5 ways:


  1. Limit your use of disposable plastic water bottles. Drink from reusable cups instead. Plastic stays around for centuries and not only is hazardous to wildlife but also leaches toxins into the ocean and our environment.


  1. Volunteer in a clean up. Did you know that trash hundreds of miles from the ocean can eventually float or blow into the ocean? Help clean up trash and debris at a local roadway, park or beach and dispose of the litter before it gets into the marine environment.


  1. Eat fish that is eco-friendly. While going vegan is better for our environment, not everyone is able or wants to make that change right now. However, you can move in the right direction by eating local as much as possible and by eating eco-friendly fish. Eat seafood that is harvested in a sustainable way. This means choosing fish that have a healthy population so that harvesting them lessens the impact of our environment.


  1. Lower your carbon footprint. Try walking instead of driving if you can. Use less electricity and water. Declutter your home and donate items to the needy. Recycle as much as possible and compost your food waste. Reduce energy in your home, check out our last blog post for ideas.


  1. Do not release balloons in the sky. They may look pretty going up, but balloons are a danger to wildlife, like sea turtles, as they can mistake them for food, accidentally swallow them, or get their strings tangled up around them. When you are done with your balloons, simply pop them and toss them in the trash.