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You’ve no doubt seen several videos of the ALS ice bucket challenge. This is a simple act of pouring cold water on your head with a challenge for others to do likewise and donating money for ALS research and awareness. Countless videos have popped up over this last year of celebrities, family and friends all participating in the awareness of ALS.

This month is the Universal Human Rights month. Now is certainly the best time to make a difference!

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), is a very irksome disease that disables the movement of muscles and in due time can lead to paralysis. The ALS Association spends most of its donations towards research and consistently watching each funded project from start to finish. Barbara Newhouse, ALS Association President, mentions that despite the dire need for a cure, they must also be monitoring where their money goes and get as much research done as possible.

Over 100 million dollars in donations have been received from the ice bucket challenge alone for the ALS Association. This is certainly very helpful in the research of ALS, and in time, will help to find the cure. So far the association has been developing a future possibility: a gene that can slow down the spreading of ALS. Although we hope for more, this is some promising news.

The ice bucket challenge is still a great way to raise money, it might not be the best idea during this winter season. Yet, there is another way you can make a difference.

If you have a vehicle you want to sell or are simply not using right now; consider a vehicle donations to the ALS Association. Make your contribution for this Human Rights month and get a nice tax deduction in return. Your car is just as good as donating cash and could go towards the consistent research and the hope that an antidote for this troublesome disease can be discovered.