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When you hear the word Arthritis you may think it is one condition where anyone who experiences arthritis is dealing with the same symptoms and pain. But this is in fact untrue. There are more than 100 different forms and types of arthritis. They also include different symptoms and different levels of severity. Symptoms may also come and go without warning, or may take years to progress.

With so many who are impacted by arthritis and how it can manifest itself it is important to know that the Arthritis Foundation is there to help you. What began as a national organization that was founded in 1948 in Atlanta Georgia has now become widespread with many service points all across the US. One of such is in San Diego area. This foundation helps those suffering to get the help and support they need through getting medical advice that specialize in arthritis, offering classes in self- management or even exercise. They help provide the tools and resources to give the best life possible having arthritis.

But what can you do to help take part in helping those who are dealing with this daily diagnoses? You can donate money to go towards research, go to a fundraising event such as: a fun run, Arthritis walk, a breakfast, or a gala, or even by donating your old used car. In whatever way you choose to help, know that anything will make a difference to someone suffering from Arthritis.