how it works

It's free, easy and fast.
1You find a charity.Or call 1-800-237-5714.
2We pick up your vehicle.Free next day service.
3We help the charity sell the vehicle.You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Count on for your recreational vehicle donation needs. A leader in charitable recreational vehicle donation, we handle the RV donation process so you don’t have to. Recreational vehicle donation has never been simpler!

Still not a believer in recreational vehicle donation? Find out more:

  • Since 1992, over 1 million automobiles (cars and trucks), boats, trailers, RV’s, motorcycles and other vehicles have been donated.
  • When you choose charitable RV donation, we will pick up your recreational vehicle, automobile or vessel within 3-4 business days.
  • We handle all the legalities, including providing the necessary paperwork, so you don’t have to.
  • By choosing to donate your RV to charity, you are making a generous contribution to a trusted charity of your choice. We have great relationships with charities like The American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, Knights of Columbus, American Association for Cancer Research, United Breast Cancer Foundation, Kidney & Urology Foundation of America and many more.

Can any recreational vehicle be donated, even if it doesn’t run?

Yes! We are able to accept most vehicles, even if they aren’t on the road. If you are unsure whether your RV can be donated, simply contact us and we will see what we can do.

Trusted since 1992, is the largest and most recommended choice for charitable car, auto and RV donation for non-profit charities. Thanks to generous auto and RV donation donors like you, over 1 million automobiles (cars and trucks), boats, trailers, RV’s, motorcycles and other vehicles have supported non-profit charitable causes across America. Thousands of local and national charities have been able to provide services and conduct research and outreach because of the support of charitable auto and recreational vehicle donation. We pride ourselves in helping people take each step through the process of donating your RV to charity and will continue to do so.

The next step in recreational vehicle donation is now up to you. Donate your RV to charity today by completing our online donation form.