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donating your car

In December a campaign was started to raise money and awareness of the San Francisco SPCA. The SF SPCA has a mission to save animals from dangerous circumstances and provide them with healing care and treatment. Once recovered, these special animals receive assistance in finding themselves a new home and family. The charity campaign was hosted by Imgur, a website designed to create and share photos.

During the month of December and the first part of January, Imgur was flooded with photos and stories of actual animal patients of SF SPCA. From abandoned newborn kittens to injury recovering dogs, the content of this website was both endearing and heartbreaking. The result of this campaign was overwhelming. More than $19K was raised for these adorably, helpless animals by the viewers of Imgur.

Although this particular fundraiser is over, as it ended on January 12th, the needs of newly rescued patients continues to linger. There is much you can do. Donating your car to SF SPCA is one, immensely gratifying way you can help these animals get back on their feet and into the arms loving new families.