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3We help the charity sell the vehicle.You may be eligible for a tax deduction.
Donating your car

Remember those days long ago at summer camp when you would get a letter or package from home and how awesome it was to feel loved and cared about? Now imagine you are thousands of miles from home and putting your life on the line. Wondering how things are doing back home. Getting those letters and packages would mean a lot more as it is a connection that helps them know they are thought about and cared about. This is where Any Soldier comes in.

Any Soldier was started in August of 2003 by a family who wanted to make a difference and to let any deployed member of the U.S. Armed Forces feel valued and to say thank you for what you are doing. One of the great things about Any Soldier is it is all voluntary and you can request packages and letters to go to who you would like to support. All items go to those in the military who do not receive a lot of mail or packages from home.

There is another way to help support this wonderful voluntary organization. By donating your used car it will go towards helping to provide our military hero’s with a little taste of home through packages and letters. Another great thing that donating your car can help you with is getting a tax deduction on next year’s taxes. It becomes a wonderful way that you can support such a worthy cause and to help our military men and women know that we appreciate all that they are doing for us, and that they are not forgotten.