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Summer is such a fantastic time of the year. The warm weather and the time off from school gives children and adults the opportunity to participate in so many fun events. Many popular summer activities include: backyard barbequing, setting off fireworks and sharing stories around a campfire. While playing with fire may seem like harmless fun it can be extremely dangerous. Sadly, there are thousands of people who fall victim to flame produced injuries every year. This is why the Firefighters Burn Institute  of the Sacramento Area works hard to provide educational, physical and emotional help to burn survivors and the community in general. Through generous contributions such as donating cars, here’s what the FFBI is able to accomplish

1. Burn Survivor Camps for Children

The Firefighters Burn Institute is able to host youth summer camps for those who have been injured by fire. These young burn survivors can go to one of two camps. Preschool aged children and their families can participate in the Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp, while those who are between 6 and 17 years of age can enjoy the Firefighters Kids Camp. The camps are supervised by burn care professionals, adult burn survivors and local firefighters. The camps are designed to promote emotional healing and personal growth through a sequence of activities in a safe and fun environment.

2. Youth Firesetter Program

The Youth Firesetter Program is designed to help teens and their families learn from and cope with the consequences of firesetting. This program provides classes that teach about the effects of fire and classes that offer emotional support to youth and their parents. The Youth Firesetter Program also issues psychological services and assessments to help in determining how serious a firesetting situation may have been.

3. Liaison Response Team Program

The Liaison Response Team (L.R.T.) is a special program created specifically for firefighters themselves and their families. Although, firefighters do a lot to protect themselves in the event of a fire emergency, sometimes the inevitable happens and the firefighter ends up losing the battle against the flames. When this happens, an L.R.T. member is issued to work closely with the firefighter and their family by providing physical, communicational and emotional support throughout the medical and recovery process.

4. Burn Survivor Retreat for Adults

As a way to provide physical and emotional healing for adult burn survivors, the FFBI offers a special retreat called “Beyond Surviving.” This retreat provides a unique opportunity for severe burn survivors to socialize with one another and create a support network among themselves. The retreat is often hosted in a relaxing and picturesque setting where participants can feel comfortable sharing their stories with one another.

5. The Burn Recovery Support Group

The Burn Recovery Support Group is a recurring, once-a-month meeting where necrotizing fasciitis victims, burn victims and their families can meet together to discuss their questions and issues regarding their injuries. This support group creates a safe environment where people can share their healing experience and offer hope for those who are just starting out on their road to recovery.

These and many other programs and services are offered by the Firefighters Burn Institute. By donating your car to this organization through our easy online form here at Donateacar, you, too can be the means of bringing hope and healing to those burn survivors and their families. Remember to be safe and cautious with fire, especially during the heat of the summer. For some great fire safety tips you can even checkout the FFBI webpage for yourself.