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Losing a beloved pet can be heart wrenching. Although we learn from experts on grief that overwhelming feelings of loss are normal, it cannot erase the loneliness and sadness one may experience in times like this. Having a loving pet in your life can fill holes that no person can. They accept you on a deeper level and offer comfort unlike no other. The bonds that form between you and your pet are real.

Depending on how your pet passed away, may questions and even guilt can plague you. Wondering if you could have done more, or if your dear companion suffered much can torment the mind. Although a loved pet can pass away, the love you shared does not. The relationship can live on inside your heart and in your memories.

The San Francisco SPCA was the initial humane society that offered counseling for those grieving from the death of their pets. Today, they still have free group sessions to help pet owners cope. Having a support group with others who are suffering the same thing is helpful and comforting. Being able to talk to others who understand what you are feeling helps you work through the grieving process a lot easier.

You can help the San Francisco SPCA in their dedication to pet loss support by donating an unwanted vehicle to their cause. If you have a car you don’t use anymore, you can give it as a gift and make a difference in this cause.

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