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There are many ways to help advocate for animals. You can donate money, volunteer your time or even run a 5k. However, did you know that your used vehicle can also help change the lives of animals in need? Not only your used car, but your used truck, RV, boat or other vehicle can make a big difference in the lives of needy animals. This is true, thanks to Donate-a-Car!


We have several trusted and approved animal charities that qualify for car donation. It’s effective and easy to do.


Choosing to donate a used car

One woman, Rachael, decided to give her gift to help animals. She wanted to get rid of her vehicle but didn’t want the hassle of trying to sell it. She was familiar with car donating and decided that it was her preferred choice.


Rachael’s roots in the welfare of animals goes back for several years. She has been a lover of animals and an advocate for them for a long time. She’s worked in 3 various organizations over a period of 12 years in animal welfare.


Every animal that has entered her life has inspired her, including cats, horses and dogs. They have been like family members to her. This includes her current dog, Myles. She says he is her biggest inspiration.


Inspired by a little dog

Myles is a mighty Chihuahua that came to Rachael when we was involved with her first organization for animal welfare. At first, Myles was so fearful and aggressive that she couldn’t approach his cage without him assaulting the bars.


Finally, a brave law enforcement officer who worked at the organization was able to coax him to come out. Once taken out, Myles was flopped on Rachael’s shoulder and she was smitten. She took him home after that to be a foster parent and later adopted him. He’s been her little shadow all this time.

During the time that Rachael’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer, Myles was her strength. He went with her to every visit where her father was residing at the hospice center. Although her father did pass away just a two months later, Rachael believes that Myles came in to her life to help her through that tough trial. Myles remains Rachael’s inspiration in encouraging her to continue helping pets in need.


It was quick and easy

Rachael says that her car donation was easy and quick using a form online. She was contacted to schedule a time to pick up her car and it is now gone. It all took place within a few short weeks. She is glad to have her garage back and her receipt for tax purposes.


We are grateful for people like Rachael who gift their used vehicle to help those in need, whether it’s animals or people.


If you would like to donate a car for animals in need, consider a car donation to Animals Lovers, Friends for Life Animal Rescue, Homeless Animals Rescue Team or The Humane Society of the United States. Click the links to go to our online forms or give us a call at 1-800-237-5714 and we would be happy to help you.  


You can read more about Rachael here.

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