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For over two centuries, under various names and leadership, what is now called The Home for Little Wanderers (The Home) has been serving the children and families of Massachusetts. Growing out of an orphanage dedicated to helping children find loving homes, The Home has grown into an organization that provides individual and family therapy, skills development for youth, therapeutic mentoring, and daily living supports. With service focused on youth from birth to 22, The Home is making a difference in the lives of over 7,000 individuals annually. Your vehicle donation through Donate A Car in their behalf will help ensure that they can continue to change lives for the better and guarantee a more promising future for the children that they serve.


Strong Families

Community-based family services have proven themselves to be an effective model for helping families in need to get the services and counseling they need in the location that will best serve them. The many services provided by The Home can be implemented at home, school, a hospital, or clinic. From adoption services to therapeutic after-school programs and counseling for individuals and families alike, the services provided by The Home are geared towards helping people learn the skills they need to manage real-life challenges while getting the support they need while they learn and grow.


Strong Life

Poverty, unhappy home-life, substance abuse, and domestic violence have been described as “generational” problems. They perpetuate themselves from parent to child, often afflicting families for generations. The problem isn’t that people are “bad”, the persistence of these difficulties is that the people who suffer from it often don’t have the skills to cope with the frustrations, disappointments, and upheavals of daily living. The Home recognizes the need for more training, skill development, and support during the late teen years. Through vocational training, skill development programs, therapeutic mentoring, and daily life coaching The Home is helping youth up to 22 years old get the skill training they need to create the life they want, not just the experiences that may have happened to them in the past.


Strong Communities

By donating your used car through Donate A Car you are supporting, in a very way, the community that lives and breathes around you. Strong communities grow when everyone gets involved. The services that are making a huge difference in thousands of lives need the support and sustenance that your charitable giving provides.

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