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Most of us can stand up when our American Flag is raised, or stand at a counter when we need to register a vehicle. Yet for many of our paralyzed veterans, that is only a distant memory. At least until now.

Thanks for the genius of Dr. Gary Goldrish of the Minneapolis VA hospital and a team of biomedical engineers, paralyzed veterans can now use a revamped standing wheelchair to do many more functioning tasks standing up. Unlike the previous standing position wheel chairs where a vet had to sit down before moving to a new location; these revamped chairs have an added drive wheel allowing the chair to move with the patient for more functionality like when we stand.

Now vets can stand for something! They can paint a living room, reach for a book, or even work in an assembly line and move along as they need to.

Army vet John Christensen enjoys the ability to cook while standing up, something we hasn’t been able to do for over three decades. As he puts his egg in the pan, he is able to pivot he wheels and propel his chair to the cupboard and reach for the salt and get back to his stove before his eggs burns.

This revamping of a standing wheel chair can pave the way for further research and development.

You can help also help our Paralyzed Veterans of America by choosing to donate a car to that charity using our “Donate Now” button above. You can even get your car towed for free.

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