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The discovery of gold in Sacramento Valley in 1848 ignited the Gold Rush. Soon after this rush, many children were found abandoned and trying to survive near the riverbanks. Several concerned citizens came together to help these children and founded what is known today as the Sacramento Children’s Home.


Sacramento Children’s Home is a great charity to donate a car to. They have made a compelling difference in the lives of over 6900 children and 4600 families per year.


When looking to donate your car in Sacramento, you just can’t top the 150 years of service to the most vulnerable children and families that the Sacramento Children’s home has given. This is one of our favorite charities in California. They have made a compelling difference in the lives of over 6900 children and 4600 families a year.


The Sacramento Children’s home has eight programs utilized in six locations to help those in need.


Advocacy Program

Sacramento Children’s Home acts as a bridge between families and therapists and their advocates see that the needs of the youth and families are met and ensure that needed resources are available. Acting as a bridge between families and therapists, their advocates see that the needs of the youth and families are met and ensure that needed resources are available. Facilitating support groups and providing information and referrals are also services they provide.


Family Partners

Family Partners work personally with parents through the mental health programs to guarantee they are equal partners in all aspects of service. They do this by providing support as the family needs it and making sure the needs of the family are the driving force for all treatment plans.


Youth Peer Mentors

As a voice for youth planning and policy making, youth peer mentors act as a positive influence to guide youth to articulate their own beliefs and values. They help by offering in-home support, advocating for services, giving peer mentoring and helping youth reach their personal goals.


Counseling Center

The Sacramento Children’s Home is community based and offers a variety of mental health services. It is innovatively set up to provide long lasting support while encouraging independence. Some of the services provided include:

  • Family therapy and parenting support
  • Individual therapy
  • On-call crisis support
  • Parent and child interaction therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Family and child team meetings
  • A variety of rehabilitation support
  • Advocacy services
  • Medication support
  • Community resource connections


If you are interested in learning more, you can join a monthly tour to get a look inside and see how they have been helping children and families have a brighter future. Main campus tours are typically held two times per month.


Helping end the cause of child abuse and support children in need doesn’t have to be costly. Car donations to the Sacramento Children’s Home is a great way to give your vehicle a new purpose in caring for the community’s defenseless children.

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