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As of January 2014, more than 49,000 of our veterans are homeless in the United States. More of them lost their lives fighting for the freedoms we enjoy in our country. The Paralyzed Veterans of America bring light to some of these veterans. In the process of protecting our country, our brave soldiers often return home with handicaps.

Paralyzed Veterans of America

A time for reflection comes when visiting sites such as the World War II Memorial. Here millions of people visit each year, thinking of those that sacrificed themselves in war. Recently on October 5, 2014 a new war memorial was dedicated. Located just a thousand feet from the U.S. Capitol, this memorial reminds us of the hope that America brings.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America return the favor in restoring faith and hope to injured veterans and their families. Former veterans are around us in our daily lives, often left poor and struggling to provide food on the table. Consider donating your car towards The Paralyzed Veterans of America. With even one car, you could make a difference in the life of a veteran and their family.

With the number of homeless veterans continuing to climb, it is a dire time that we do something about this. These are people that gave up time, energy, and their wellbeing to serve our country.

With the sacrifices they chose to make for the sake of billions, it’s not hard to give a car donation to thank and honor what veterans have done for our country. Visit or give us a call at 1-800-237-5714 for free next day pick-up of your unwanted car.