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Donating your vehicle to a great cause is easy and satisfying. Children everywhere need a place that they can express their creativity and imagination. Fairytale Town is just that place.

About Fairytale Town:

Fairytale Town is a non-profit organization that has been around for 50 years. This magical place exists in Sacramento for children to run and play and use their wonderful imaginations. With over 2.5 acres of fun, Fairytale Town does not disappoint. The idea is to bring fairytales and nursery rhymes to life, to delight children, inspire imagination and foster creativity and literacy. This park relies on the support of the community to thrive and continue to offer this refuge for children.

Located in William Land Park in Sacramento, CA this amazing park was opened in 1959 to begin the first of many storybook parks across the country. This park was a gift to the children of Central Valley by city of Sacramento and other great community and business leaders and survives on donated funds.

For the park’s 50th anniversary there were many updates and renovations made but the park was kept as close to its original condition as possible so the many adults who have memories of playing in this park as kids can still see the magic of their own childhood while also providing a fairytale town for their own children. Attractions have been added to enhance the experience for today’s 21st century kids.

There are over 25 bright and playful sets where kids can act out their favorite fairytales and nursery rhymes along with the many lush and colorful slides provided for kids to exercise their minds and bodies.

Fairytale Town is a fairytale come true for the kids of Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas. When you donate your vehicle to benefit this charity you are also helping expand the playful and creative minds of children…Hickory,Dickory…Dock!