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Did you know that March 23rd is National Puppy Day? Who doesn’t love puppies right? We sure do. That is one reason why we want to showcase one of our favorite animal charities: The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.


You can help in the rescue of lost pets with a car donation to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation through our quick online form, or by giving us a call at 1-800-237-5714.


The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation rescues lost, abandoned or displaced dogs and cats and helps them find loving homes. Dogs and cats that are placed in overcrowded animal shelters are at risk of euthanasia. For this reason among others, it is a great idea to adopt a dog from an animal shelter and give it a chance for a new life in a loving home.


Since it is National Puppy Day, maybe you want to consider going to your local animal shelter and adopting a dog!


4 Great Benefits From Adopting a Dog From an Animal Shelter:


1. Saves a Life

When you adopt a dog from an animal shelter, you are giving that dog a second chance. They often have been rescued from horrific situations like neglect, abandonment or cruelty. Sometimes they simply had owners who could no longer care for them. When you adopt from a shelter, you are giving that animal a loving home and helping to stop overpopulation.


2. Saves Money

Animal shelters typically give each dog a physical examination and provide any needed medical attention. They usually microchip, neuter or spay and vaccinate the animals in their care. This save you a lot of money from taking the dog to your own vet and paying full price for those services. Likewise, those who breed dogs to sell usually charge higher rates for adoption than do animal shelters.


3. Discourages Puppy Mills

When you purchase a dog from an online seller, flea market or pet store, it’s pretty certain that you are getting a pet from a puppy mill. Animals that come from puppy mills have been kept in dreadfully poor conditions lacking proper medical care and typically troubled and sick as a result. These factory-style breeding establishments are aimed at making a profit above everything else, including the welfare of dogs. Because customers are unsuspecting and because they operate through deceptive tactics, they continue to stay in business. They won’t stop until people stop supporting them. If everyone adopted their pet through an animal shelter, puppy mills would go out of business.


4. Provides an Extra Boost

Animals are known for showing unconditional love. We also know that they are a benefit to their companions emotionally, psychologically and physically by providing a sense of fulfillment and purpose and lessening the pains of loneliness. Adopting from an animal shelter is giving those same benefit back to your pet in need.  It’s a double boost!


Each year, over two million dogs and cats are euthanized in America only because there are too many pets in the shelters and not enough people are adopting them. Choosing to adopt a pet instead of buying a pet can save many of these animal’s lives who then will become a loving member of your family. Donating a car to an animal charity such as the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation can also help save a life of an abandoned animal.