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"Since 1994, Donate A Car has been connecting donors with some of America's most trusted charities. Find the charity you want to donate to with confidence, knowing that we’ve confirmed the charitable tax status of every charity listed."

Tax Benefit of Car Donation

You can be assured that your vehicle donation will be sold to the highest bidder at auction and not just sold sight unseen to a salvage yard for scrap. Your old car will be picked up and sold at a local IAA auction – they have the largest footprint of auto auctions in North America – and you’ll receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Your Donation Helps

Charities rely on the generosity of donors like you to support their missions through funding from charitable donations. Many charities rely on the proceeds they receive from car donations to fund programs to research for a cure, rescue animals, support our veterans, help those in need and so much more. Your car donation helps. Your car donation matters.

Learn More About Our Featured Charities

A Promising Cancer Treatment: Immunotherapy

One of the most promising cancer treatments of our time is Immunotherapy, according to the Cancer Research Institute.   For over six decades, the Cancer Research Institute has spearheaded the research in cancer treatments including immunotherapy. They continue to fund innovative breakthroughs to cure all cancer types. Car donations for cancer can go a long … read more

Charity Profile: United Way of Merced County – Mobilizing the Caring Power of the Community

We all have many differences in life, yet beneath everything we do and we are, we still are all people. We all need food, shelter, friendship and love. We are all connected in that way, interdependent and united. This is the view of the United Way of Merced County, California, and it’s not just their … read more

Being The Caregiver for a Loved One

Caregivers are those who provide physical or social support to someone who is aging or has a disability. When a child has a disability, most often it is the parents who become caregivers to that child. A caregiver of someone with a disability will help them learn, assist them with daily tasks, and arrange for … read more

What Charities and Donors Say

Donate A Car – bringing car donors and charities together since 1994.

“What a great company. They picked up my car fast. There were not any problems. I tried with another company first and waited 2 weeks with no response. picked up my car in 2 days.”
“First and foremost, I would like to commend and thank for the wonderful service you provide.”
“Programs like Donate A Car enables the Lupus Society of Illinois to continue our important work in Illinois.”
“My mother and I believe in your cause which is why we donated these vehicles. Feels great to help others!”
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