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There are some activities that are part of the collective American memory: mom, baseball, apple pie, and fishing. In California, where beautiful rivers are challenged by drought, land use issues, and water right concerns a group of dedicated individuals are working hard to preserve the wild river spaces in California’s magnificent landscape. California Trout is on a mission to “ensure resilient wild fish thriving in healthy waters for a better California”. Your donation of that old, unused car in your driveway through Donate a Car, can help them preserve an American tradition for generations of Americans in the future.

A Heritage Worth Saving

Once a necessity of survival, fishing has become a sport associated with relaxation and appreciation for the natural world. For generations, California anglers have been sharing their love of the wild with good friends, family and been mentoring youth who have come to the wild places in search of peace and quiet. This heritage, which connects us with the flora and fauna of the earth, is an essential part of encouraging continuing efforts in conservation and environmental responsibility. People who spend time in the wild are more inclined to preserve it. When mankind is part of the natural landscape, not a separate entity, preservation stops being an unsavory activity and becomes a necessity in saving an important part of their life.

CalTrout Projects

CalTrout currently has 30 projects in California. These projects include scientific research to determine the impact of agricultural, development, and water use on streams and fish populations statewide. CalTrout promotes research, education, and legislation focused on preserving fish habitat for the benefit of man and wildlife both. With 14 Keystone initiatives, aimed at key areas where water concerns are paramount, and 35 individual projects statewide, CalTrout is working with landowners and government officials statewide to strike a healthy balance between the needs of expanding population and native habitats.

Fish, Water, People

CalTrout focuses on science-based research and community based decision making which allows for positive measures being taken to preserve the natural beauty and productivity of California’s streams, rivers, estuaries and waterways. Their work takes them from the farm fields and fishing streams of California to the legislature in Sacramento and board rooms of businesses to advocate for open spaces for individuals and animals to coexist in.
You can help them work for the preservation of California’s wild places by donating your old car through Donate A Car. They make it easy for you to turn an unused eyesore into the funds needed to continue fighting for your wild place freedoms.