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Way back in 1958 in Brooklyn, New York, Teen Challenge was started by a young country preacher named Rev. David Wilkerson. He was troubled by the news of a gang fights that ended in a murder and felt that God wanted him to do something to help the troubled youth in that area. A large home was obtained and a residential discipleship program called Teen Challenge began.


Your Teen Challenge car donation can help someone in need transform their life in one of these discipleship centers!


Nowadays, there are five residential Christian discipleship centers that serve adults who are eighteen years or older. There are other Teen Challenge programs that help minors. Help is given regardless of a person’s background or past history. Full length programs are from thirteen to sixteen months.


Twin Rivers Crisis Center for Women

This is a transition place for moms with kids and women. Once finished here, they continue on to a long-term training center.


Happy Valley Women and Children’s Center

This is where moms with kids and women can complete the full length program. It is a wonderful place to heal and learn.


Sacramento Crisis Center for Men

This is a starting place for men before they move on to our training center.


Alpha Henson Training Center

After graduating from the crisis center, men can enter this training center and complete the program to transform and improve their lives.


The stories from those who have completed this program are amazing. They are stories that began in dark places and ended with hope and light.


The Sacramento Teen Challenge saves lives in more ways than one. Please consider a car donation to Teen Challenge and help bring light and hope in someone’s life.