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With fall here and winter fast approaching, the dedicated volunteers at Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART), a no-kill rescue/support organization, are working to get abandoned, abused, and homeless cats and dogs into forever homes before the cold weather hits. Your car donation helps fund the veterinary care, temporary foster homes, and training required to guarantee these four-footed friends find a forever home with the right individual.

Help for Unforeseen Homelessness

The HART volunteers know that sometimes a dog or cat loses their home not from abuse or neglect, but because of an unforeseen difficulty such as health issues, a financial setback, or other unplanned personal circumstance. Pet owners in these circumstances are heartbroken at the thought of taking their beloved pet to a shelter where they may be put down. HART steps in when this happens, offering foster care and other services until a suitable new home can be found.

Matching Pets and People

The HART volunteers want every pet adoption to be a forever home to the animals that pass through their care. Because of this they very carefully screen adoptive pet parents, ensuring that both the people and the animals are going to be happy with their new situation. They offer training where necessary for animals that need it. Because they want an adoptive home to be the last home these animals will go to, there is an application and approval process for every adoption. This ensures that both you and the animal have the best life you can with one another.

Fostering Affection

One of the best aspects of the HART rescue program is the no kill/fostering program for rescued dogs. This foster program, which allows dogs and cats to be around people and other animals, helps them to maintain healthy relationships with people and prepare them for those forever homes. Many foster pet parents volunteer their time and their homes to caring for the furry friends who pass through their doors every year.

Your Donation

Your vehicle donation goes towards the expenses of caring for the animals that HART rescues and places in new homes. The largest portion of their expenses go to veterinary care and boarding services for animals that have not found a home yet. Your generous donation can help to ensure that animals go to their new homes with a clean bill of health. Help HART today and see your extra wheels turn into lifelong, furry friendships.