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If you are an animal lover and are looking for a way to help those furry friends through vehicle donation look no further than Friends For Life Animal Rescue. Friends For Life Animal Rescue helps animals living in the deserts or on the streets and are homeless, by educating the public and neuter/spay programs. Here are some of the great things about the Friends For Life organization:

History of Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Back in 1993 Friends for Life began with volunteers and board of directors and handled several hundreds of adoptions. Later in 1996 the organization was able to secure three building in downtown Gilbert, AZ to help animals have a place to call home until they find a permanent home.

Programs to Rescue

Acting as an advocate for the animals Friends Life Animal Rescue to prevent animals from starving, injury, and illness. Also assisting in spay/neuter programs help keep the population of strays in check in the community.


Having an animal in the family is a great way to have a positive impact. Each animal is evaluated to help make sure the right fit for the family is made so that they can have a forever fit. Taking the time to listen to those who want to adopt an animal is vital for finding out which animal will be the best for adoption. They also gather information on each animal’s personality so they can make a good match with a family. They have adoption counselors that are trained and do follow ups with each adoption to make sure it was a success. The FFL supports the adoption throughout the life of the animal and is willing to take the animal back if necessary. A Mobile Adoption Vehicle that has air conditioning and houses up to 28 animals to help facilitate adoption all over.

Every Animal Matters

Rescue and rehabilitation is available to each animal. The FFL accepts animals that have been rejected by other organizations and medically treat and rehabilitate. Every animal has the right to be evaluated and treated and is treated individually. All ages, breeds, and health of each animals is accepted by Friends For Life. Most of the animals that are adopted through the FFL lives would be ended by other shelters because of the age, weight, or health.