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What would you do for a Good Samaritan in your life?


One woman from New Jersey had just such an experience and decided to do something incredible.


Kate McClure became stranded on the interstate after running out of gas. A good Samaritan, Johnny Bobbitt Jr, came up to her and suggested she get back inside her car and keep the doors locked for her safety. Then he walked to a gas station and purchased $20 of gas and brought it back so she could use it to get home safely.


The significance of this is that Johnny is a homeless veteran and he used his last amount of cash he had to help a stranger.


Kate didn’t have any money to offer for repayment at that time. She did, however, return many times to offer Johnny some clothes, food and cash as a thank you.


Wanting to do more, Kate began a fundraiser to raise money for housing and other bigger expenses to help Johnny.


She also discovered Johnny’s old Facebook that showed he had served in the Marine Corps as well as a paramedic and firefighter before moving to Philadelphia for employment that didn’t work out. Soon after his move, his housing fell through making him homeless. He was hoping to re-certify as a paramedic.


Kate expressed that she wished she could do more for such a selfless man who made such a sacrifice to help her when she was in need. She just wanted to give him a little break.




Donations to the GoFundMe fundraiser that Kate started poured in to over $350k for Johnny.


Johnny felt beyond humbled with the love and support he received. He expressed desires to help other people with the money raised, after getting a place to live and buying a used car.


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