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The Sankara Eye Foundation also know as the SEF, USA plays a significant role in supporting the Sankara Eye Foundation in India, where they manage and operate eight hospitals that specialize in eye care in India. The mission of the foundation is to eradicate curable blindness in India, and have been doing so since 2014. To help with this foundation you can do so through vehicle donation to support the following programs:

Gift of Vision Program

Economically disadvantaged people in rural areas of India have the ability to have medical treatment through the Gift of Vision Program. This program allows a base hospital to service all the villages that are within 200-300 km. Then SEF workers go from house to house to do vision screenings and identify those individuals who need help. Those who need help can then go to an eye camp that is set up near the village. If someone is identified as needing a special treatment or surgery then a bus is provided to go to the base hospital. The patient is given accommodations and stays at the hospital for 3 days to receive an examination, medicine, food, and surgery totally free of charge, and then transported back to their home. After 30 days the patient will then have a follow-up exam to make sure the surgery was successful.

Rainbow Program

The program is set up for school aged children. Teacher volunteers are given training to be able to identify children that might have issues. Then an eye care team from the SEF Hospital does an exam to see what treatments are necessary or to give prescription eyeglass if necessary without cost.

More about SEF

More than 55 million people suffer from a visual handicap in India, 8 million which are blind. SEF is dedicated to eradicating this problem by building 20 speciality eye care hospitals providing eye care to the needy of India. Most of the blindness is caused by glaucoma or cataracts which have effective treatments, but in rural parts of India people are not aware of the treatments or do not have the ability to get the medical attention they need. At least 80% of those who are blind in India can be cured.