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This Nurse Cat Comforts Injured and Sick Shelter Animals 02 - Donate a Car

You know those stories where someone is very sick and yet they end up cheering up everyone else around them?  Well, this is one of those stores, except it is about a cat and it will make your day!


Rademenes is a black cat who was brought to an animal hospital at only two months old in the city of Bydgoszcz which is in Poland. He was very sick and needed to be put down due to an extreme case of upper respiratory tract infection. In fact, Rademenes condition was so critical, that the employees chose not to let him be around other animals and kept him isolated. It was truly a sad situation.


However, when the veterinarian saw this little kitty, she took him into her hand and could not bear to have him euthanized. Little Rademenes began to fight for his life right then and there.


As Rademenes began to settle in to the shelter, he started doing some odd things. Employees teased that he was working like a full-time nurse. When a sick animal came into the shelter, whether is was a dog or cat, Rademenes would come closer to that animal in a supportive and comforting way.

This Nurse Cat Comforts Injured and Sick Shelter Animals 04 - Donate a Car

In his own way, he offered help and kindness to each animal he approached. 


Sometimes it would be cuddling with an animal after surgery. It’s like he knew they needed a little extra attention.

This Nurse Cat Comforts Injured and Sick Shelter Animals 01 - Donate a Car

Sometimes it was simply licking and cleaning their ears, and sometimes just sitting close by so they don’t feel alone. 

This Nurse Cat Comforts Injured and Sick Shelter Animals 05 - Donate a Car

The sensitivity and caring that Rademenes has given shows that he has a special ability to sense and respond to other animals needs. Perhaps he remembers what he felt like being sick, too. 

This Nurse Cat Comforts Injured and Sick Shelter Animals 03 - Donate a Car

These shelter animals are so lucky to have a caring nurse kitty by their side. We hope that he can continue to offer love and comfort to these animals for many years. 


Kudos to you, Rademenes, and to all loving pets who bless our lives. 


Images and story from tvnmeteo