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Our mission is to extend the lives of cancer patients and reduce cancer-related deaths by fueling the development of a new class of smarter, more effective treatments that mobilize our body’s natural immune defenses against all types of cancer

How Your Donation Helps

The Cancer Research Institute was founded in 1953 to foster the science of cancer immunology, which is based on the premise that the body’s immune system can be mobilized against cancer. This field, which CRI helped pioneer and develop, has been recognized throughout the world as offering great hope for the ultimate prevention and treatment of human cancer. For more than five decades, the Institute has been a sustaining force in cancer and immunology research.

The Institute supports scientists and clinicians at leading universities and research centers worldwide. All such funding decisions are made by its Scientific Advisory Council composed of 65 leading immunologists, including 3 Nobel laureates and 30 members of the National Academy of Sciences.

CRI Chief Executive Office and Director of Scientific Affairs Jill O’Donnell-Tormey says her organization strives to keep overhead expenses to a minimum. “Donors want as much of their money to go to cancer research as possible; that’s why they choose to give to CRI. They can look at ratings from watchdog organizations like the American Institute of Philanthropy, see that CRI consistently ranks at the top of the scorecard, and feel secure knowing their gift is going to have the most impact.” 

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